Eurasian Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Eurasian hair is the highest grade of human hair found in specific regions in the Europe and Asian borders. Collected from women of European/Asian ancestry its refined, silky smooth and the perfect hair for other European/fine hair types.

Eurasian hair extensions are rare, the bulk human hair is collected, washed and transformed into the perfect hair extensions, we are privileged to be able to offer our Eurasian hair extensions in many colours. 

We supply our Eurasian hair extensions to Kosher Jewish wig makers and worldwide hair extension technicians/stylists who want only the very best human hair.
Eurasian virgin hair its mainly available in naturally straight or straight hair textures. Our Eurasian hair extensions can be styled, straightened, dyed and reused for many years.  Its natural and truly beautiful and is worth the investment if you want to have the very best, ethical, long lasting and most manageable hair extensions. 


Ethicality; Eurasian hair is one of the most expensive and ethical hair types ... Show More on the market because its the perfect hair type for Jewish Wigs. The women who sell their hair know the value of the end product and therefore demand a higher price. Ethically, this is much better than the sale of other more obtainable hair types. Women command and are given a higher price for their bundle of hair which is reflected in the final retail price. 

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